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Politics | State | Friday, June 11th, 2010, 7:09 pm

Cutler releases post-primary ad

Independent candidate Eliot Cutler, who analysts predict could turn this fall’s gubernatorial election into a three-way race, released his first post-primary ad today, titled “Independent. Just Like Maine.”

Cutler cites his Maine roots and his work for then-Sen. Ed Muskie, who also served as Maine’s governor and U.S. secretary of state. But the powerful line comes 48 seconds into the minute-long spot, when he says, “With me, you’ll get a governor who isn’t pulled from common sense solutions by the extremes of either party,” a shot at GOP candidate Paul LePage’s tea party support and Democratic nominee Elizabeth Mitchell’s long ties to the party.

William P. Davis is editor of MaineMedia and a founding editor of the Observer.

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